March 21-22, 2022, COSYNE workshops, Cascais, Portugal

Brain-Score and beyond

confronting brain-like ANNs with neuroscientific data

The stunning recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have led to much speculation that these methods could reveal the answers to long-standing questions in systems neuroscience: about how interactions between brain areas give rise to cognition; about the functional objectives that shape the computations within our brains; and about the credit assignment mechanisms that enable learning in hierarchical systems. This two-day workshop will focus on 1) deep learning models from AI as theories of neural computations. 2) the 2022 Brain-Score competition as a specific real-world system for brain model evaluation and development.

Day 1

We will focus on current approaches of combining deep learning with systems and computational neuroscience

Day 2

We will highlight the current state of models and benchmarks on Brain-Score and discuss how integrative benchmarking can benefit the neuroscience community

The goal of this event is to bring together theorists and experimenters to discuss the future of modeling in neuroscience


Andrew Saxe

University of Oxford

Uygar Sümbül

Allen Institute

Panayiota Poirazi


Kanaka Rajan

Mount Sinai

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

Columbia University

Gabriel Kreiman

Harvard University

Aaron Batista

University of Pittsburgh

Carlos Ponce

Harvard University

Kimberly Stachenfeld


Arash Afraz


Eero Simoncelli


Hendrikje Nienborg


Daniel Yamins

Stanford University

Jennifer Groh

Duke University

Ramanujan Raghavan


Gabriela Michel


Call for papers

We invite researchers working on models of the primate ventral stream to submit a short paper describing their models to be presented during Day 2 of the workshop. Submissions will be private and anonymous and will be peer-reviewed by a panel of reviewers. For more information, check here.


Kohitij Kar


(soon to be at York University)

Tiago Marques


Martin Schrimpf


Joel Zylberberg

York University

The Venue

Hotel Cascais Miragem

Avenida Marginal 8553
2754-536 Cascais, Portugal

See you in Cascais!